Rebranding a Standout Technology Company

In the extremely crowded, competitive IT support market, this client came to us for a distinct marketing approach that mirrored their stark differences from other companies in the space. The goal for their branding was to be recognized as a more collaborative and customer-focused support provider, leveraging their excellence in customer service and their core values of honesty, respect, and partnership.

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Seletex Brand Book

Seletex Solutions offers IT buying, procurement, software, licensing, IT audit, consultation and managed IT services to small- and medium-sized businesses.


The information technology (IT) support sector is an attractive field for single person operators and independent contractors that want to help businesses design and implement IT systems and infrastructure. In every area of the U.S. a melange of these local and regional providers continue to be drawn to the marketplace by the affordability of setting up shop and ready access to suppliers. The best of them often become acquisition targets, so the possibility of a lucrative exit adds to the appeal of the space. Any way you slice it, the competition is fierce and differentiation is tough – and will be even tougher as the industry grows. With their customer-centric blend of solutions, top tier suppliers, and relationship building expertise, Seletex needed a personality that would rocket them over the competition and into a bright future.


Seletex viewed themselves as sincere helpers in a time when all companies are technology companies regardless of what they do. Brand-wise, they’d leaned into the concepts of being a butler that arrives when summoned with the best fix for every problem, and as white glove service providers that treat customers with an elevated level of care. We would take their great core message from being too muddied and confusing to being clear and compelling, freshen their logo, update their website, and give them a complete, cohesive, and memorable brand expression.

Seletex Brandbook Mockup


After introductory calls, we held a stakeholder meeting with the company founder and our production team. We learned the Seletex story through the founder’s eyes, why it came to be, where it could go, and his vision for the company. Our next step was collecting primary and secondary market research used to create a comprehensive market profile and findings to share with them. We developed a concept that would be effective across all channels, positioning them as an innovative market leader backed by enduring relationships with HP, Dell, Webroot and other league leading firms. We revived the website and altered its look and feel to better illustrate their strengths.

Seletex Brandbook Process

Brand Development

We knew that rising above the noise was a core concern for the company. The power of connection was another thread throughout our conversations with leadership, so we brainstormed scenarios where the ability to connect in chaos would be the difference between failure and success. The ultimate experts in rising above soon came to mind: NASA. The familiarity, expertise, and importance of a mission control team fit the Seletex image well: the  We created a fully rounded brand story and personality around mentorship, expertise, and collaboration and used the space center mission control theme to cement the company’s image as a true leader in their niche.

Seletex Brandbook Mockup



Seletex Branded Stationary

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