Setting the Stage for Playback Now with a Brand Refresh and Website Revamp

Playback Now is a trusted partner for corporate events, offering comprehensive solutions from audiovisual production to live streaming. With seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technology, they bring visions to life with unmatched expertise. Their reputation for excellence makes them the top choice for organizations aiming to elevate their events, be it conferences, expos, or virtual gatherings. Playback Now aims to keep growing their online presence and attract new clients.

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Playback Now, a corporate event production company, faced several challenges in their branding and online presence. Despite their established reputation, they struggled with a small digital presence that was not competitive enough, lacked marketing, only relied on referrals, and had an outdated website that failed to generate leads effectively. Their objectives were clear: increase brand visibility, tell a compelling brand story, and enhance their online presence to drive lead generation and improve SEO.


To address Playback Now's challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive brand refresh and website revamp strategy. Understanding their desire to maintain elements of their original branding while modernizing their image, we began with a logo refresh. We retained their original color palette but introduced additional vibrant colors to reflect their diverse services and dynamic work culture.

Playback Now Brandbook

Delving deeper into their brand essence, we discovered Playback Now's core values of being a small team delivering big results and emphasizing quick and effective outcomes for their clients. Leveraging this insight, we conceptualized a visual representation of "small team, big results" using imagery of small people navigating a normal-sized world. This imagery resonated with Playback Now's ethos and visually communicated their unique selling proposition.

Furthermore, we articulated Playback Now's personality as "little shoulder Angels" - embodying their commitment to human connection, collaboration, and innovation. This persona was integrated into their brand narrative, emphasizing their dedication to listening, fostering creativity, and delivering content globally.

To ensure consistency and coherence across all marketing efforts, we developed a comprehensive brand book detailing the new logos, visual elements, and brand story. This served as a guiding framework for future marketing initiatives, ensuring a unified and compelling brand identity.
Simultaneously, we redesigned Playback Now's website, addressing its deficiencies in content, user experience, and design. We enhanced the website's usability by providing comprehensive information about its services, restarting its blog to drive engagement and SEO, and integrating platform functionalities to streamline operations.

Playback Now Brand Book and Website Mockup
Brand book mission-ethos
Brand book brand story





Website before 1
Website before 2


Website after 1
Website after 2


The successful implementation of the brand refresh and website redesign yielded significant results for the client.

Overall, the brand refresh and website revamp have not only elevated Playback Now's brand awareness but also positioned them as a dynamic and innovative player in the industry.

Since the launch of their revamped website and brand refresh, Playback Now has seen tangible improvements across various metrics. Organic traffic to their website has increased by 49%, indicating improved SEO performance and enhanced brand visibility. By consistently updating and leveraging their blog, they have further boosted their online presence and engaged with their target audience effectively.

Moreover, Playback Now has embarked on a more creative and comprehensive marketing strategy, utilizing their new brand identity and website as foundational elements. The cohesive branding and storytelling have helped differentiate them in the competitive corporate event production market, attracting new clients and opportunities.

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