Launching A Next Gen Meeting Management Tool

These ambitious software developers came together to create a solution that simplifies information sharing while eliminating a universally despised productivity killer: meeting overload. Their fledgling product breaks the barriers of unproductivity by innovating sophisticated, robust, and intuitive technology that’s infinitely scalable and effortless to use. They chose us to develop branding that would make a real splash in an ocean of competitors.

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Anchor AI website mockup

Anchor AI is a productivity software developer revolutionizing the way we participate in meetings.


As a young tech startup, Anchor AI had great ideas and a new product, but lacked differentiation in the marketplace and a cohesive brand story. They chose to use a product-led growth model for their meeting management product but struggled to articulate its features and benefits. The trio of founders were handling every aspect of the product, from ideation and development to marketing and sales, and they were fiercely protective of the messaging they envisioned. Their website was vague and devoid of truly useful information. Potential customers couldn’t understand the product, why it was needed, or how it could benefit them.


We clarified the product’s purpose, which was to create order out of meeting chaos, subsequently making meetings a more effective springboard for delivering business results. We delineated their target audience into two camps: users whose presence in meetings is mandatory, and those who need some but not all of the information delivered in routine meetings. To build a solid business case and make it attractive to organizations of all sizes, we highlighted the product’s scalability, ease of use, and accuracy.

Anchor AI Brand Book Mockup

Brand Development

We developed a brand identity using a sophisticated visual story with a nautical theme using rich, saturated color to communicate the feeling of calm confidence. The color scheme was designed to encourage their audience to try out the brand, thus reinforcing their PLG strategies. The color, imagery and typefaces blended into a unique brand expression that differentiated Anchor from other brands. The supporting narrative emphasized the value of reclaiming time better spent in more creative and collaborative pursuits, as well as the business benefits of more focused attention.

Anchor AI Website Responsiveness Mockup



Anchor AI Stationary and Business Card Design for marketing

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