Your website needs a COVID update

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The world is fundamentally a different place from 12 months ago. If your website reads the same as it did in February 2020, you might as well not have one. No matter what your business is, it has changed the way it operates. Just popping a COVID-19 disclaimer at the top of the home page isn’t enough.

Fact on the ground shift weekly if not daily. If you run a restaurant, your customers are wondering whether you’re open for dine-in, outdoor dining, or just takeout. If they can’t find the answer easily, they’re liable to just move on. If you’re running a logistics company, your customers want to know when they can expect delivery. They understand that you might not be able to promise overnight delivery. But if your website says you can when you can’t, you’re setting yourself up for some angry customers.

Many businesses have changed not just their day-to-day operations but their overarching philosophies. Many have reinvented themselves to succeed under extremely difficult circumstances. Tell people about it! Connect with your audience of potential customers and you might just win them over. Do little or nothing to acknowledge the reality of life in the present moment, and their eyes will glaze over or they’ll wonder if you’re even still in business.

Your customers and potential customers are looking for answers and looking for help. Let them know, “Yes, we’re still here. Yes, we’re still successful despite all the challenges. Yes, we’re here to meet your needs during a difficult time.”

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