Branding a Pioneering Renewable Energy Firm

As hydrogen fuel cell applications enter a golden era of advancement, this visionary client is well-positioned to appeal to environmentally-conscious companies attempting to reduce their carbon footprint. With solutions for warehouses and long-haul vehicles, they help companies achieve emission reductions throughout the supply chain. By offering turnkey packages that include vehicle leases and the infrastructure needed to support hydrogen transmission, alleviating a significant barrier for the adoption of hydrogen technology.

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HydroFleet brand book mockup

HydroFleet is a specialized hydrogen lease company that provides total hydrogen ecosystems for fuel cell electric vehicles with a focus on heavy trucking, local delivery trucks, and industrial forklift fleets.


By far, the biggest barrier to the adoption of hydrogen vehicles is the near-complete lack of a global infrastructure through which to distribute the fuel. It is also hampered by the high costs of the raw materials necessary in the production of hydrogen fuel tanks and other elements of building hydrogen fuel infrastructure, the need for temperature-controlled storage, and the lack of public awareness of hydrogen’s benefits. As a new market entrant at such an early stage of technology adoption, the substantial difficulties in building that awareness threatened to hamstring their progress on a potentially world-changing mission.


The surge in environmental concerns, an increase in government initiatives for the development of hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure, high initial investment in infrastructure, and technological advancement and future potential are the major factors driving this emerging market. A brand story and presence centered on the emotional connection to sustainability and the practicality and ease of adopting hydrogen fuel will blunt the audience’s perception that embracing hydrogen is difficult and premature.

HydroFleet website design mockup

Brand Development

Embracing emerging alternatives to fossil fuels requires a bold leap for HydroFleet’s potential customers. To encourage that big step, we focused on the human desire to do the right thing. Emphasizing the humanity of making challenging changes, we moved the audience away from dense technical exposition while making HydroFleet’s business objectives clear. Their new brand personality is progressive and competent, attracting the compassionate forward-thinker with the recognition of their commitment to sustainability, as well as ease of new tech adoption.

In the investigatory phase, our conversations with leadership consistently came back to a central idea: their total commitment to the promises of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Their passion was apparent in our discussions; they were clearly “all-in” with H2, and presented a compelling business case that their model can help customers strike a balance between environmental sustainability and profit in a simple way.

HydroFleet vehicle wrap design

Website Design

There was little evidence of that passion and excitement on their website and we really wanted to emphasize the narrative and compelling positioning.  We produced a vibrant new site to align with their brand personality, heightening emotional impact with lush images of the natural world. Narratively, we exchanged a barrage of service offerings and facts for a throughline that would spark curiosity, bust myths about the technology, and reinforce the company’s zeal, expertise, and competence. Altogether, the reimagined site leaves no doubt that HydroFleet is all-in on using their power to make a difference.

HydroFleet Website device mockup



HydroFleet Stationary and Business Card Design for marketing

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