Creating a Must-Read Digital Publication for Executives

A group of publishing and media veterans with extensive digital publishing experience wanted to create a magazine that would serve and attract influential executives in business and industry. With over 25 years of experience with B2B journalism, business news websites, marketing, SEO, design, advertising, and event coordination from the leadership team alone, the founders aimed to reach leaders from the smallest to the largest corporations.

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BOSS Magazine print and digital publications

Every month, BOSS Magazine delivers trending industry news, extensive features on best-practice companies and their leaders to over 376,800 subscribers and 15,860 executive social media followers across business and industry.


Many traditional B2B publications have essentially ported the page design, content and marketing strategies from their print publications to the internet. In those cases, of which many remain – especially trade and industry publications geared to those in leadership roles – the look and feel retains a dull rigidity that doesn’t work well in the digital medium. The content may be insightful and relevant, but the experience of consuming it is uninspiring, and a barrage of pop-up ads makes getting the information readers seek a frustrating chore. To succeed, in addition to cutting-edge visuals and quality writing and marketing strategists, the publication would need something very tough for a new book to have: executive star power on the cover.


Like the publications of many professional organizations, the magazine adopted a supporter-based business model. The DI leadership team leveraged their extensive connections in business to bring newsworthy leaders to their pages and put their marketing and sales expertise into building an effective, performance-driven sales force. They scoured the creative scene for the brightest up-and-coming minds in design, advertising, marketing, and omnichannel communication, and gave them the tools and encouragement to excel.

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Brand Development

We focused on the most compelling qualities of the world’s most lauded executives and created a visual experience that communicated the vision, drive, and sophistication inherent in their personalities. We took a niche approach in editorial with content tailored for the boardroom and for industry at large and drilled down into relevant categories for each. We transformed the blandness of online business pubs into a knockout experience; as a result, enviably popular leaders were eager to appear, including heavy hitters of the Fortune 25, and household name innovators from Mark Cuban to Wolfgang Puck.

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