What makes a great website

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Think of your website as an online extension of your office. You want to be inviting and professional. You want the look and feel of authority. Though you can’t greet every visitor individually, this is your chance to leave an indelible impression. If your company is working remotely now, or your office is mostly empty, you might not be able to welcome potential customers in person. It’s imperative, then, that your website both welcome and inform. Will limited opportunity for face-to-face interactions, it has to answer questions someone might have about your company. It has to connect with people in the same way your leadership team would, and it has to deliver the message they would.
A great website is easy to navigate. It’s visually pleasing but not distracting. The design reflects your brand and reinforces your message. The design and copy harmonize to tell a clear story, directing the viewer where you want their eyes to go.
Each page serves a specific purpose. A visitor to your website wants to know who you are, what you do, how you do it, and how to obtain your products or services quickly and easily. You want to anticipate and answer questions. You want to make it easy to do business with you. You don’t get an elevator speech right now. Your website is your chance to introduce yourself and your business. Make a good impression with Digital Ink.

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