The Power of Publication

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What can BOSS Magazine do for your company?

Of the million marketing agencies out there, most of them offer the same suite of services as the others. Web design, copywriting, SEO, press releases, etc. At Digital Ink, we have all of that and something that few others do—an international business publication read by hundreds of thousands across the globe—most of whom are the decision-makers in their own companies. In fact, our publication is aimed squarely at C-Suite executives

So what is it exactly that we can do for your business? Consider this simple equation: Credibility + Exposure = Attraction


Whether it’s an entire company profile or a simple advertisement, your business will be seen in a magazine that features the most successful and exciting companies in the world. This instant credibility lets our readership know you mean business, about business. Twenty years ago, simply having a marketing program was enough to put you above the rest. But now that’s simply not enough. You need to have all that and also be known as the best of the best.


With BOSS Magazine you don’t have to worry about potential clients finding you—you’ll be delivered directly to our subscribers’ inboxes at the beginning of the month. After that, your business will be seen an average of 2.1 million readers. This kind of star power is what separates the average from the extraordinary and your bottom line is sure to reflect that.

Natural Attraction

Just like in life, customers know when your business is desperate for a date. We’ve become intensely sensitive to thinly veiled marketing messages and the result is always the same—an instant turn-off. But when your business is known simply because of how good it really is, then you don’t have to worry about being lonely on a Friday night ever again.

What kinds of companies use us?

BOSS Magazine and Digital Ink have worked with thousands of businesses owners, from celebrity entrepreneurs to main-street innovators and beyond. But if you’re still unsure of what Digital Ink can do for your company, we invite you to reach out to us and we can walk you through what we do best—making your business better than ever.

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