Reaching Your Audience in a Hybrid World

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Audiences are fragmented these days. That’s not exactly news. With cord-cutters getting their entertainment from social media and streaming services, there are more channels than ever. It’s becoming even more pronounced now as society opens back up. Some people can’t wait to get back out in public and indulge in the type of in-person activities they’ve missed throughout the pandemic: ballgames, concerts, bars. Others are not so sure they’re ready to fully reintegrate and are staying home for the time being. If you want to reach the largest possible audience, you need a marketing strategy that gets your message out in as many ways as possible. 

Every business had to learn to adjust last March when the world went almost completely virtual all of a sudden. Just when we got used to that things, started changing again. If it hasn’t yet, your business needs to get nimble. We’re starting to see the virtual and physical worlds blend together with hybrid events that feature in-person attendees and spectators beaming in from the comfort of their homes.  

This isn’t entirely new. Sporting events have long juggled entertaining fans in attendance and appealing to a broadcast TV audience. It takes creative thinking, however. Ads that are visible to people in attendance at an event might not be visible to people watching at home. The at-home experience is more interactive than it used to be. Home attendees pop up on virtual walls or have their cardboard cutouts in the stands. They’re browsing social media to connect with others to enhance the experience, getting a modified version of the experience you get when sitting with a group of strangers in the stands. They’re still tuning in, but there are so many various ways to reach them. 

It’s always been the case that you have to speak your audience’s language and find them where they are. It’s just that there are more options for them, which means more work for your marketing team. Your target audience is still reachable, but you have to devise more strategies for getting your message through.  

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