If You Are Serious About E-commerce, You Need to Be Serious About SEO 

October 26, 2022 |

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We live online these days, so naturally that’s where we do a significant amount of our shopping. Americans, especially younger ones, prefer the experience of e-commerce to shopping in-person. It’s convenient; people can do it on their own time without sales pressure and make easy, hassle-free returns if they don’t like what they bought. Digital fitting technology makes it possible even to do clothes shopping online and get something that really fits your body along with your style. The percentage of shopping done online continues to increase steadily each year, and the pandemic has accelerated the trend. Initially the motivation might have been risk avoidance, but by now people are used to pulling out their smartphones whenever they have a free moment and adding that item they need to an online shopping cart. 

What does this all mean for your business website? No. 1, it means you should have one that provides your customers with convenient ways to pay. It also means that you need to stand out in a crowded online market. Potential customers don’t need to leave your store, get in the car, and go find another one. They can do that with a few clicks in the space of a few seconds. And that’s assuming they could find you in the first place. If you want a successful e-commerce business, you need good SEO.  

SEO tips for e-commerce 

That doesn’t just mean making smart use of keywords, although identifying your business’ essence and making sure those keywords are incorporated into well-written content throughout your website is crucial. Your e-commerce website needs to be mobile-friendly. After all, that’s the method most people are using when shopping online. It needs to have high-resolution photos and videos that catch the eye and illustrate why your product is the best. It needs to load quickly, otherwise people will get frustrated and go somewhere else. It needs to straddle the fine line between being boring and being busy.  If you need examples, check out the designs Digital Ink and other top SEO companies have done for our clients.

You need plenty of content to make use of those keywords, but not just content for content’s sake. It needs to be useful for humans, not just search engine crawlers. Think tutorials on how to take advantage of all your product’s features, in written and video form. Give potential customers something to interact with. Most importantly, make your website easy to navigate. If your website is hard to figure out, people will leave. If they can’t figure out how to pay, they can’t give you any money. You obviously want to make things as easy as possible for your customers to do that. 

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