Creating a content community for your brand

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Online communities are all the rage these days. Digitally interacting with others who share a particular interest, passion, or hobby has become a normal part of our everyday lives.  

Whether you frequent a Reddit sub-forum or have a bevy of familiar faces you interact with in a particular fandom, there exist endless possibilities of ways to connect.  

Building a digital community has also gained favor as a marketing and advertising technique by brands eager to capitalize on groupthink, and the high levels of exposure that can come from being a recognizable topic of online discussion.  

As of 2020, 32% of all business-to-business companies had an online community of some sort, as did 48% of all business-to-consumer brands, according to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute.  

Know your audience 

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when building an online community is to pay attention to who your audience is. By being mindful of what they are likely most receptive to, you can gear your content to their specific tastes and desires, subsequently improving engagement and loyalty.  

Researching your audience beforehand can help ensure you are focusing on topics that your consumer cares about and builds trust.  

Spice things up 

It is also important to create content that is interesting to your audience. Cookie-cutter posts and scheduled-only content can get boring and feel impersonal.  

One tip is to stay up to date with current events and respond to them in a way that is tactful, engaging, and mindful.  

Consumers will generally be receptive of a brand that is known for speaking out on current issues, as it makes them appear more human and transparent. 

Of course, there can be potential downsides to sharing, but while it is important to tread carefully at times, approaching situations from a thoughtful manner will likely lead to mostly positive recognition.  

Follow your audience 

This tip falls in a similar boat as knowing your audience. Pay attention to the demographic you are hoping to attract and follow their lead.  

If you are trying to appeal to teenagers, for example, it may be a good idea to create a community of followers on a platform like Instagram or TikTok. If hoping to appeal to younger adults and professionals, you might have better success on Twitter.  

Beyond this, you may end having the most success by creating an area dedicated specifically to your brand. This could be on a slack channel, a reddit sub-forum, or even a Facebook group.  

Having a dedicated place where your company’s fan can coalesce will lead to positive engagement, discussion, and ultimately brand loyalty.   

Creating a place that fosters positive energy, allows for thoughtful feedback and provides a reason to keep coming back can help your business turn the corner and inspire new customers to join along the way.  

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