Conversational Messaging and the New Digital Storefront

October 26, 2022 |

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conversational messaging

We’ve discussed in this space how chatbots make life easier, but it remains astonishing just how good the AI is getting. We discussed the art of conversational messaging over at BOSS Magazine with Gupshup co-founder and CEO Beerud Sheth. You can read the full story here, but what really stood out is just how many customer touchpoints conversational messaging can help with.

“It literally cuts across the entire customer life cycle,” Sheth said. “So many businesses start with one or two use cases, but then they expand to many others.”
Gupshup has been working throughout the pandemic with businesses that have been offline for almost their entire histories. They come in thinking chatbots can help them with a few simple tasks and end up with a complete digital transformation.

“The state of the art in natural language processing, in particular, is just getting better and better. I think it’s already at a stage where it’s further ahead than the ability of most businesses to adopt it and use it,” Sheth said.

Much like two decades ago every business had to build a website to serve as the place customers found and interacted with them, successful businesses ought to get on board with conversational messaging sooner rather than later. It saves untold amounts of time by answering common questions, and it’s available whenever your customers need it.

“In almost the same way, we think of conversational experience as the new digital storefront,” Sheth said.

If your business isn’t working with conversational messaging, you’ll be missing out on customers and falling behind the competition. And you’ll be making life harder on yourself.

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