The rise of social video branding

The rise of social video branding

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As the internet continues to grow, so does the demand for what it has to offer.

Companies and brands are always on the lookout for new trends, as they try to connect with consumers of all demographics.

The most recent phenomenon to have taken the internet by storm is the growth of social video, and, in-turn, social video advertising.

TikTok, perhaps inspired by short-form video hosting predecessors such as Vine, debuted in 2016 as a video-sharing social networking service.

The appeal of TikTok, which now boasts over 1 billion users worldwide, is that its user-created videos are short and spontaneous.

Other social networking platforms have taken note of TikTok’s success, such as Instagram, which launched “Reels” in August of 2020 and Twitter, which launched “Fleets” later that year in November.

Marketers have also fallen in love with using social video for brand advertising, with TikTok specifically providing a variety of positive incentives.

What’s to Love

What makes TikTok stand out from other social media platforms is its ability to keep its users engaged for long periods of time. TikTok users spend almost an hour a day on the platform, on average, while 90% of users open the app every day.

One thing that will catch any marketing manager’s eye is the way TikTok is programmed for optimal engagement. The app uses an algorithm that allows any user to rack up millions of views, so long as they are producing viral content.

TikTok also works with brands directly and offers ad campaigns starting at $10 per cost per thousand (CPM).

Where to Begin

Starting your own branded channel and collaborating with influencers are two of the best ways that a company can market itself on the app.

If you are looking to go the collaboration route, you may find it to be a cheaper alternative than what other social media platforms offer. A TikTok user with over 2 million followers may charge anywhere between $600-1,000 per sponsored post, whereas on Instagram you may be charged $100-200 for every 10,000 to 20,000 followers, for example.

Additionally, companies can create AR lenses, filters and stickers that represent their brand, and sponsored TikTok ads can send users directly to a company’s website or app page in the app store.

Take Advantage of #’s

In order to reach the maximum number of users, companies will want to put the most focus on their use of appropriate, popular, compelling, and engaging hashtags.

TikTok uses hashtags to figure out where to place and promote content, considering individual settings, video information, and the typical user interaction.

If your content has all the right hashtags and checks every box, there is a decent-to-good chance that it can go viral, no matter how many individual followers you have when you post.

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