7 Characteristics of an Effective Business Website

7 Characteristics of an Effective Business Website

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Creating an optimized business website is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. A successful website can be the difference between someone staying to buy your product, and leaving to find a more user-friendly, easy to navigate one. To make your business successful, here are a few characteristics you should have. 


There is nothing worse than creating a beautiful website that looks terrible on your smartphone. Most of your traffic will come from the Internet browser on a phone, as it’s rare for most people to use desktop computers in the current year. If you want your business to be successful, create a design that looks great on the desktop, as well as mobile devices.

User Experience

The usability of your website is probably the most important aspect of your business. If your customers don’t know where to buy the product, or how to search for specific pages user experience is significantly lacking. You should take special care to arrange and categorize the information on your site with the user in mind. If you’re having difficulty with this process, you can outsource this to a UX/UI design agency to ensure a smooth, well-operating webpage. Creating a website that’s user-oriented will keep your customers navigating and staying longer.

Short Loading Times

In today’s fast-paced world, long load times are practically unheard of. The modern-day Internet user wants information quickly, and waiting for more than 5 seconds for a page to load can make the visitor impatience. The trick to making your website fast is by limiting the files on the page. You can also make a file size smaller before uploading it, so load times become shorter for the same item. Restructure your website immediately if it lags during loading, especially on your mobile device.

Compatibility With All Browsers

It’s something often overlooked, but most people use more that one browser per day (when traveling from home, their smartphone, work, and school) or we have different operating systems that aren’t compatible with a specific browser. For example, many Windows users may forget that Apple uses Safari. Windows users may also forget that some people still use Internet Explorer! Try to check how the user interface looks on common browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari to ensure your website is compatible before launch. 

Simple Design

Depending on your industry, you may decide that creativity is the best option for your website. 

However, having too many bells and whistles will distract your users from what you’re actually selling. A simple home page that displays important information clearly is enough to set you apart from other competitors. Also, avoid popup messages or auto-play videos at all costs. No one likes them, and it will make your customers leave as fast as they came.

Easy Navigation

Going to a website and finding no search bar is the single most frustrating thing I can think of, especially if I’ve already been there before. An easy to use interface is the smartest approach. Navigation needs to be easy and fast, so clearly state all of your categories, recent posts, and recommendations immediately on the front page. Convenience is the ultimate way to boost user experience, so use it to your advantage.  


Making an interactive webpage encourages visitors to click on the multiple pictures and links that direct them to your products. For example, instead of creating a hyperlink, put the hyperlink attached to the picture so it’s bigger and easier to access. Go through your website and check if your customers will have a fun time being on your pages and looking at the various resources and information, as this can generate more leads.

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