Brand Growth: Understanding Healthy Marketing Practices

Brand Growth: Understanding Healthy Marketing Practices

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Effective marketing and successful brand-building go hand in hand, but unless you are able to understand which strategies are succeeding and which are failing to gain traction, you might not be able to unlock the true potential of your business.

Knowing which marketing practices are both immediately impactful and advantageous in the long term can help you avoid putting effort into approaches which simply don’t work as well. To give you a head start, here is a look at healthy marketing practices from a brand growth perspective.

Work out which metrics actually matter

One of the most frequent issues facing ambitious brands is that they do not know which metrics are worth measuring if they want to accurately judge the impact of a given marketing campaign.

This is all the more challenging because of the fragmented and multifaceted nature of the digital ecosystem, which might make it seem like a paid social media ad or a carefully crafted piece of content shared with your followers has not flourished because of minimal engagement being apparent in the integrated analytics.

Such figures may not take into account any subsequent sharing that has been done on other platforms, or any mentions your brand has received elsewhere. This is why choosing to perform a social media audit to get a broader, more holistic overview of how your brand is perceived and how a campaign is performing is worthwhile, as it will explore actionable metrics while rectifying false assumptions.

Optimize your website with users in mind

If all of your marketing efforts are focused on building brand awareness and recognition on third party platforms, you could see a spike in visitors to your website, which is obviously a positive sign that your hard work is paying off.

However, all of this will be irrelevant if the site itself is not up to the standards expected by modern web users. Sluggish page load speeds, confusing interface elements and a lack of cross-device compatibility which leaves mobile users disgruntled could all damage your brand’s reputation just at a point where it is beginning to build momentum.

In this instance it is best to ensure that any optimizations you make to your site are not just done to appease the search engine algorithms, but also to ameliorate the experience for human visitors. This will prevent bounce rates from spiraling upwards, or from cart abandonment becoming an issue even if visitors do stick around long enough to add items to their basket, in the case that your site is transactional.

Make content worth sharing

The final marketing tactic for businesses that want to build their brand sustainably in the digital age is to create content that is relevant to your target audience and of a high enough quality to earn organic shares, not just clicks from appearing in promoted posts.

Diversifying the type of content you offer can also help, with video content being particularly powerful as a means of generating interest at the moment.

Mostly it makes sense to use a multitude of marketing tricks to grow your brand in competitive, challenging circumstances, and to follow the data so that practices that are not pulling their weight can be discarded.

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