Advertisers Taking Notice of Augmented Reality

Back in 2016, well before COVID-19 turned the world on its head, a different type of phenomenon was sweeping the globe: Pokémon Go.   Much of the game’s popularity was due to its incorporation of a rising technology

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Web Design Trends in 2021

Another year, another mystery box filled with trends – some new, some returning – and webpage fashions for designers to get acquainted with. Since the

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Today's Marketing Trends

Creating a content community for your brand

Online communities are all the rage these days. Digitally interacting with others who share a particular interest, passion, or hobby has become a normal part of our everyday lives.   Whether

Reaching Your Audience in a Hybrid World

Audiences are fragmented these days. That’s not exactly news. With cord-cutters getting their entertainment from social media and streaming services, there are more channels than ever. It’s becoming even

The Power Of Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, everyone wants to be an influencer. Desiring a large platform is nothing new, of course, but being able to get paid lucratively for that platform is becoming

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Using micro-moments to your brand’s benefit

Gaining new customers can be a challenging endeavor for businesses new and old. Recognizing and taking advantage of consumer’s decision-making processes can make all the difference.   One thing brands are beginning